The company

Since 1969, Nikolaou Stands has paved a successful way in the field of specialized product display systems both in Greece as well as abroad. Today having the experience and the technical know-how of nearly five decades, we have a leading market position. Through an astounding large variety of specialized constructions, designed according to the measurements and needs of the customers, we cover with consistency and quality the needs of the market. This can be proved by our large customer base, which includes some of the biggest companies internationally.

Nikolaou Stands has the technical brilliance of processing metals and constantly expands its range of products. At the same time, it combines its constructions with materials such as wood, plexi- glass and led creating product display systems of excellent functionality and high level of aesthetics. The possibility of multiple applications along with the functional design and the exceptional aesthetics guarantee the uniqueness of its constructions. Its ISO Certification validates the quality of its products and services, its consistency and credibility.

Along with its proprietary premises and the experienced workforce in the fields of production, customer care, industrial design as well as in marketing, Nikolaou Stands is evolving dynamically and meets the high demands of the Greek and international market.


Display systems consist an indispensable part of the image and the promotion of the available products in the market. This is exactly why Stand Nikolaou makes sure that its customers’ products are presented in the best possible way and that they stand out, respecting and reinforcing their own distinct corporate identity.

To achieve this goal, it is essential to assess individually the needs of the clients. The design team, with great experience in industrial design, will take into consideration the commercial category of the product along with other characteristics such as the selling price, the kind and shape of the packaging and the venue of the stand.  In this way the team will be able to suggest the best solutions and to create the design that will fit perfectly the desires and needs of every client.

The absolute consistency in the production and delivery time as well as the customer confidentiality are an indispensable part of the company’s policy.

Production unit

Nikolaou Stands is the owner of a fully organized factory, equipped with state of the art machinery. The technical equipment is constantly updated and at the same time new technologies such as laser machines are added. All the stages of the production process are carried out by the experienced and technically trained workforce. The vertical integration of the production allows the total supervision of production ensuring the finest quality of its products.


Advertise and promote your products with a suitable and specially designed stand for the display of publication, magazines and newspapers. Let your products stand out!